Camper Toilet

Low weight high power

Płyn do toalet jachtowych
Płyn do toalet kempingowych
Płyn do toalet w samolocie

Camper Toilet

One product many applications

Super concentrate 3 in 1

Toilet main tank (cassette)

Upper flush

Grey water tank

1L CAMPER TOILET is the equivalent of 5L of traditional liquid for tourist toilets.

Discover the greatest advantages of Camper Toilet

Precise measuring cup for easy, spill-free dosing

Reduction of gas, sludge and odor formation

Blocking of deposits on the tank walls

Accelerated waste decomposition in the main tank

Reduction of bacterial growth

Pleasant smell, blue color

Effectiveness at an average temperature of 25 degrees for a period of 15 days after a toilet has been flooded

Induction locking

Innovative formulation and safe product composition

3in1 - toilet main tank (cassette), top flush and grey water tank

Product information label in 14 languages

Mobile Toilet środek do czyszczenia toalet

Brand new technology 3 in 1

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Dosage: 100ml

Purpose: Grey water tank

Dosage: 10ml

Purpose: Upper flush

Dosage: 20ml

Purpose: Toilet main tank (cassette)

Method of use:

MAIN TANK (cassette)

20 ml for every 10L of waste tank capacity, then top up with 1 - 2L of water


Pour 10ml of CAMPER TOILET SUPER CONCENTRATE into every 10L of water


Pour 100ml for every 10L of water

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