Mobile Toilet

Manufacturer of cleaning products
for mobile toilets.

Środki czystości dla kamperów

We create innovative solutions and technologies that help to maintain travel comfort. Many have already trusted us

4winds Hausbot Polen Kochanowski Yachting Marigo Yachting przyczepy kampery kempingi Toczarter czarter jachtów
4winds Hausbot Polen Kochanowski Yachting Marigo Yachting przyczepy kampery kempingi czarter jachtów
Camper Toilet superkoncentrat

Super Concentrate 3in1

Camper Toilet

Super Concentrate 3in1 - liquid for the toilet tank (cassette), the upper flush and gray water tank of an RV.

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Mobiletoilet płyn do toalet przenośnych 2w1

Liquid for tourist toilets

Mobile Toilet

Concentrated liquid for portable toilets used in the upper and lower cistern, dedicated in particular to campers, yachts, boats, buses, planes and trains. Its innovative formula reduces the formation of gases, deposits and bad smells, and accelerates the decomposition of faeces and toilet paper.

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Odorstop neutralizator nieprzyjemnych zapachów

Odour neutraliser

Odor Stop

Multifunctional preparation for neutralising unpleasant odours. Odor stop has been created to remove unwanted odours that arise in closed spaces such as: coaches, yachts, campers, as well as other closed spaces such as: houses, offices, hotels, sports clubs etc.

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Nagroda magazynu Żagle

"Żagle" magazine award

Highlighted product of "Wind and Water" fair

Received for the Mobile Toilet product in the Yacht Charter Equipment and Accessories category.

/ New formula

2 in 1

2 in 1 is a new recipe that allows the product to be used for two applications. It combines the advantages of two application fluids in the upper cistern as well as in the main tank and cassette.

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