Odor Stop

Odour neutraliser

Removes unpleasant smell and restores cleanliness in the room

Odor Stop

Odour neutraliser

ODOR STOP is a modern and innovative product for odour neutralisation. It removes undesirable phenomena occurring in closed spaces such as: coaches, yachts, campers and other closed spaces such as houses, companies, hotels, sports clubs etc.

Allergen-free fragrance composition

Subjected to independent effectiveness testing

Very fast action time

Modern and effective fragrance restorer

Active particles eliminate the causes of unpleasant odours

Neutralises the smell of cigarettes and sulphur

Use of the product does not cause stains

Safe for the materials and surfaces to which it is applied

It also shows other neutralising properties by effectively eliminating growths and blooms.

One product, many applications

It purifies the air, giving a lasting freshness effect.

Removes the causes of unpleasant odour.

Effectively deodorizes the room, leaving a fresh and pleasant scent

Safe for allergy sufferers

Multifunctional neutraliser


One preparation replaces the need for at least 3 different agents!

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