Mobile Toilet

Liquid for tourist toilets

It provides comfort and a breath of freshness even in the most difficult conditions.

Płyn do toalet jachtowych
Płyn do toalet kempingowych
Płyn do toalet w samolocie

On water, on land and in the air

Product for all uses

Mobile Toilet is a versatile product dedicated to portable toilets without drain, so it can be easily used on yachts, boats, planes or campers.

Discover the biggest advantages of Mobile Toilet

Reduces the formation of gases, deposits and unpleasant odours

It blocks the deposition of sediments on the walls of the tank

Accelerates the decomposition of waste

Works in temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees Celsius

It reduces the growth of bacteria

It has a pleasant smell and blue colour

Medical product

Does not contain biocides

Mobile Toilet środek do czyszczenia toalet
Produkt do górnej spłuczki Produkt do głównego zbiornika Produkt do dolnej kasety

New 2in1 technology

The product can be applied to:

1. Top flush

2. Main tank

3. Lower cassette

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