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We are operating in the market of professional cleaning products team of friends. We have been already functioning on the market for last several years. Via our well established position, we can offer you our vast experience and knowledge. We know the importance of ensuring efficient delivery and how to select the appropriate products. We can advise you how to deal with the maintenance of cleanliness. Now we have decided to use our knowledge and create our own line of products. What makes it unique, is undisturbed attention to good and stable quality as well, as proper relation between quality and price. We can often say about ourselves and our partners that we are like a family… …welcome to our family then!!


Universal usage applies to: holding tanks and cisterns. Suitable for: – tourist toilets – mobile toilets like Toi- Toi – toilets on boats – toilets in summer houses – toilets in coaches – toilets in airplanes – etc.. PROPERTIES: it reduces the formation of gases, sludge and odours. It blocks fouling on the tank’s walls, accelerates decomposition of faeces and toilet paper, it is effective in the temperature range -20 to 40 centigrade, it works for about 15 days at an average temperature 27 centigrade, it facilitates emptying the toilet, gives intense and pleasant scent, reduces the growth of bacteria.

Central tank: Use 100ml of Mobile Toilet for each 10l of tank capacity.
Flush: Use 50ml of Mobile Toilet for each 10l of flush capacity.


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